Spring/Summer Collection 2023
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15 March 2023

Spring/Summer Collection 2023

Spring/Summer Collection 2023

A breath of light, a new chapter full of colour, love and magic characterize our Breath of Light collection.

We designed our Spring/Summer 2023 collection as a tribute to our dream of playful, connected, savoured and sun-kissed moments with dear friends and family. 

As always, nature is our main inspiration for design choices, yarns, fabrics and materials. We work with what we get from it, and we are so grateful for it. We keep our promise to give it back to Mother Nature at the end of the product's life to ensure each piece will have a new cycle.

We are what we wear, eat, make. Be the change you want to see in the World that will inspire your baby and all of us.

We invite you to slow down your pace of life, rethink your choices and enjoy the best gift of life we could have - your baby!

It is a collection that has always been created with a high level of comfort, we wanted to reinforce the seamless models and we are also increasingly trying to relate the more organic and sensory side to the design of the pieces. 

The soft pastel colours transport us to the spring days of blue skies and crystalline water, which are present in the newborn lines. At the same time, we went in search of warmer tones of the Namib Desert, which are an inspiration in the choice of the various printed and knitted yarns in stitches of rustic essence.

The imaginary family holidays with unique and highly sensory environments are represented in shades of blue. Likewise, the nautical themes come to reinvent new seasons and seasons of overcoming, which are so well characterised and inspired by the Navy theme. 

With this collection we intend, above all, to make every day the day of our planet Earth, will be a premise of the future and the key to the adaptability of sustainable looks, the love between people and planet earth is increasingly an intense and true fusion. 

In this way, we leave here the main message of our new collection Breath of Light, which is already available for sale on our website and for retailers! 

I believe the world has been waiting for someone like you.... I'm sure it has.

You can be the one who will heal the world, who speaks for those who have no voice, who understands the soul of the planet, its forests, rivers and trees... all the little and big animals and the heart of man.

I guessed it when I first heard your heart beat and I was sure of it when I held you close to my heart.

You are precious and I will keep you as you are:




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